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APC SurgeArrest Personal - 5 Outlets Robust Surge Protector

APC SurgeArrest Personal - 5 Outlets Robust Surge Protector

InFocus IN112a Projector

Full-featured: 3,000 Lumens, HDMI, VGA, S-Video & Composite Inputs, High Contrast, 3D, 10,000 hrs lamp life & More!

Designed for power performance, offered at incredibly low price!
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InFocus IN112a Projector

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Price: =N=2800.00  

Product Code: APC838

Product Information

Made by American power devices company, American Power Conversion Corporation, APC SurgeArrest has the tradition of reliability. APC is a leader in power protection, providing reliable surge protectors for home and office computers and electronic equipment. This unit gives your computers, home office equipment and other gadgets a lifetime protection from lightning, spikes and surges. This surge protection is best for computers and home office electronics. Its key features that mean value for your money include:

  • Site Wiring Fault RED LED warning: Get a red warning light showing if there is a potentially dangerous wiring problem in your wall circuit. This equipment readily detects that, giving you a chance to effect a correction to prevent a damage.
  • Catastrophc Event Prevention: Fast-acting fuse that quickly responds to lightning strikes. The fuse shuts down quickly when "attacked" preventing harmful current from reaching your equipment.
  • Protection Confirmation LED: You're left in no doubt as to whether the unit is providing the protection you require. A green "protection working" LED confirms this. And when not showing, the surge suppresion circuitry must have been damaged by a major power surge or spike, which would have destroyed your equipment. Get that fixed and restore protection.
  • Fail Safe mechanism: Unlike other surge protectors, this will not let power through, when the circuit is damaged, meaning that your equipment is never left unprotected.
  • Safety Shutters: Cover the outlets making them childsafe and preventing potential accidents.
  • Control On-Off Switch: A master switch to control the unit
  • Long cable reach for flexibility.

Don't leave your equipment exposed to naked power surges and spikes. Using unprotective power extensions may seem cheap and affordable in the short-term, but is it? You may need to visit the TV mechanic and other people that repair faulty equipment to understand the risk you face when unprotected. They will have piles of damaged equipment to show you. That's the cost of leaving your appliances unprotected. In the end, that's the more expensive option!

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