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High Capacity Su-Kam Online UPS, IntelliQ Series (Online Inverters) 3-Phase-In to 1-Phase-Out (3P-1P) - 15KVA, 20KVA & 25KVA DSP Online UPS

High Capacity Su-Kam Online UPS, IntelliQ Series (Online Inverters) 3-Phase-In to 1-Phase-Out  (3P-1P) - 15KVA, 20KVA & 25KVA DSP Online UPS

InFocus IN112a Projector

Full-featured: 3,000 Lumens, HDMI, VGA, S-Video & Composite Inputs, High Contrast, 3D, 10,000 hrs lamp life & More!

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InFocus IN112a Projector

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Price: =N=825000.00  

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Product Code: INV-SKM-009

Product Information

Get higher capacity Su-Kam Online UPS (online inverters), IntelliQ Series, of 'Three Phase Input - One Phase Output' design to provide power backup for mission critical, no-fail installations. When you deploy sensitive equipment that requires unbroken power supply, the Su-Kam Online UPS is what you need for stable, reliable, constant power. With this range of advanced technology Su-Kam Online UPS (aka online inverters), the safety and efficient operation of very sophisticated equipment is assured.

Not only does the Su-Kam DSP Online UPS (3P-1P) series offer regular, stable supply with zero switchover time, it also stabilises the supply from the mains, through its "Double Power Conversion" technology. That process ensures that power fluctuations and disturbances in the mains supply are eliminated. In effect, these systems also act as power stabilizers, protecting your high-tech, expensive equipment, even whe
n on mains supply. Read more in the Su-kam Onilne UPS brochure.

Who Should Use them?
The Su-Kam Online UPS (Su-Kam online inverters), 3p-1p, come in the range 7.5kva to 25kva and will be found ideal by users in these or similar environments:

  • Data centers & server rooms
  • LAN nodes
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Sensitive Medical equipment
  • Banks for ATMs or servers
  • Programmable logic control systems
  • Check out system in supermarket
  • Production units
  • Safety systems
  • Any other Situation where zero switchover time is imperative

Learn more about the difference between Su-Kam Online UPS (online inverters) and Su-Kam regular inverters in this Online UPS fact-sheet.

Battery Bank
All in the range are 360V DC units, using 30 units of 12V batteries. For battery pricing, please see our batteries products category. The  Su-Kam DSP Online UPS (3P-1P) series is designed to ensure enhanced battery life. Inverter performance, to a large extent, depends on the performance of the battery bank. Ensuring the protection of your battery bank, its extended life and top performance is a major value factor for this Su-Kam range. You enjoy top inverter performance, huge savings on battery spending and satisfactory return on your investment.

Implementation Pricing
Note that listed price above is the base price of the range. To see the prices of individual capacities in the range, see the Product Options box just below the product image above. Click in the box to see the drop-down list of capacities and incremental costs. Simply add the additional cost of a capacity to the listed base price to determine the final cost of that capacity

Also, note that full implementation cost will include the cost of the battery bank, battery racks, battery equalizers (optional), installation materials, plus delivery and installation fee. Prices of batteries, racks and battery equalizers are listed in the battery and accessories categories respectively. Transportation cost (if required) and installation will vary depending on nature and location of the site. Please call to ascertain what will apply to your project.

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