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Windows 7 - What it is, What it Offers

Windows 7

You’ve probably seen some product promos on Windows 7, Or you’ve read a new PC ad that flaunts the pre-installed Windows 7. So what is Windows7? More importantly, what does Windows 7 offer and how can you benefit right away? Continue reading here»

My PC is Running Slow - What Can I do?

Laptop Performance

If your once smooth-running, fast-paced laptop or desktop PC is noticeably slowing down, it should be worrying. A slow PC means a drag on productivity: booting and shut-down can become very time-consuming, opening documents can take a lifetime and even switching between open windows turns into a waiting process. Continue reading»

Small Features of a Laptop that Can Make Life Much Easier

Laptop Features - USB Bluetooth Dongle

Many people wanting to buy laptops hardly know enough about the general features of laptops and which ones matter most. If that’s your case, we can help you get a better grip. If you know what’s important in a laptop, you’d most-likely make a wiser choice. Continue reading here»

Big Value Free Software, Part-One: Security Software

Free Internet Security Software

PCs bought in this age can hardly stay off the internet. Most laptops and desktops are fitted with internet access and are often connected to the web. Being online has its huge benefits, but watch it, there is always a security threat. Continue reading here»

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Windows 7 Quick Guide

Going From Windows XP to Windows 7
An in-place upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 is not available. See chart. You need a 'clean' (custom) install, which means your computer is wiped clean of documents, installed programs and all your settings. Be sure to backup files you need because they will be lost.

Windows 7 Operating System

Product Spotlight

The HP Pavilion dv6-1310ei Entertainment Notebook

HP Pavilion dv6-1310ei Entertainment Laptop

The HP Pavilion range of laptops is already widely popular on account of its robust configuration, top  performance and impressive quality. They are also elegant and come with some of the best laptop features offered by today's technology. So, why any special fuss about the Pavilion dv6-1310ei? We'll tell you. Continue reading here»

Featured Products

Toshiba Camileo S10 Camcorder

Camileo S10 Camcorder

Sleek, smart, high-definition, pocket-sized digital camcorder. This ultra-portable, easy-to-use camcorder is also a digicam - meaning it records video and takes still pictures. The Camileo S10 is feature-rich, equiped with most of the tools a user needs: flip-screen for previews, card reader, HDMI digital AV output, Nightshot, Back Light, etc. Read more

Dell Studio 1555 Laptop

Camileo S10 Camcorder

A perfect blend of art and technology, packed with the power to deliver top performance and priced to suit your pocket. Dell studio 1555 features a 2.16GHz Intel Dual Core Processor, 2GB of RAM and 250GB HDD. More features: DVD writer, Bluetooth, Webcam, wireless LAN, 15.6" display & more. Read more

Plug-and-Play USB Bluetooth Dongle

Plug-and-Play Bluetooth

If you've agonised over not having a Bluetooth-enabled PC, not anymore. This plug-and-play USB Bluetooth Dongle not only anables your laptop or desktp but does so with greatest ease. Just plug the tiny, hardly noticeable device in a USB port and get Bluetooth connectivity instantly. And this is on the cheap! Read more...

HP Deluxe Backpack

HP Deluxe Backpack

Elegance, quality and convenience blended perfectly in a backpack that's designed to make life easy for you. Will take laptops up to 17" and has extra compartments for your documents and mobile accessories. Quality that lasts and a beautiful finish, all at excellent price. Read more.

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