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What Inverter is, How Inverters Work and How to Choose a Good Inverter Brand

Plus Why We Recommend the Sukam Inverter Brand

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This article covers much of what potential users of inverters need to know about the inverter power solution. It clearly explains what an inverter is, how inverters work, the differences between inverters and power generators as power backup solutions, what to know about inverter batteries and the inverter battery bank, how to choose a good inverter, why Sukam inverters are well-rated and much more about inverters. You can comfortably call it an inverter user guide.

Part One: The Burden of Power Outages

Inverters have become a key point of interest, in recent times, to those searching for a solution to power outages. More and more people are coming in contact with the idea of an inverter power solution and quite a significant number has actually gone ahead to invest in an inverter power backup system.

Inverters provide a unique solution to the power supply problem, a major departure from the use of power generators that hitherto were the popular solution to power shortages. Unlike power generators that generate power, inverters simply tap, store and deliver power to you.

Deep-rooted Power Supply Problems
There is no doubt that the power supply deficiency in Nigeria has become more acute. Though the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) – the power production and management utility – is making spirited effort to improve the power supply level, it is obvious that the problem is deep-rooted, having accumulated from years of neglect. That has made progress markedly slow.

Government’s ongoing Integrated Power Projects (IPPs) are hoped on for relief, but their pace will give any electricity consumer some concern. Even the effort to encourage independent power companies to come into the power generation and electricity distribution equation has, so far, had very limited impact. So, Nigerians continue to live with very limited electricity supply. Each passing day, they, suffer in silence.

If you are reading this, it’s probably because you are also traumatized by the power outages that deny you the electricity to power your appliances and electrical devices. Anyone residing in Nigeria at this time unavoidably has to deal with the power deficiency problem. You can, at best, get a few hours in a day, but that falls far short of what you need to run your life and business.

The acute power shortage has meant that the convenience that power supply brings to the home has disappeared. Various appliances that you invested a lot of money to acquire for your home have virtually become redundant. So, practically, things are grinding to a halt.

Your business or office is not spared, either. The tools you need for work cannot be powered. So, you watch the day pass, even with piles of waiting work, which you are unable to execute. For most people, it’s a daily routine of frustration.


Finding a Viable Personal Power Backup Solution
Well, because you can’t easily fold your arms and just whine on, you’ve probably resorted to generating your own power. That’s what most people do, which has turned every home into a mini power station. In major business complexes, the staccato of noise from numerous power generating sets running at the same time is enough to run you crazy, but that has become a necessary evil that has to be endured. There is a mini power plant in every corner, some tired, some worn, some giant-sized, some portable, but all manifesting people’s effort to find an own solution to the destabilizing power deficiency that confronts them.

Generating one’s power, unfortunately, is extremely expensive and loaded with hassles. Operating a generator involves huge costs in fueling, lubrication and maintenance. Often, the running cost gets unbearable for the average person, but even major institutions feel the brunt too. Even for those that can bear the cost, it’s a huge diversion of funds that could be profitably invested in other projects. What’s more, the headaches from breakdowns and repair challenges could get nerve-racking. When power generators are used on extended basis, unfortunately, frequent breakdowns become unavoidable. Keeping the power generator running tends to become your preoccupation, a diversion from primary activities.

Alternative Power Backup System

The search for a much smarter, more efficient solution has led a growing number of Nigerians to the inverter power system. Probably that quest for a more viable solution brought you to this article. It is possible you’ve heard about inverters but aren’t sure if the inverter power solution really works. Or may be you are just in search of a reliable brand of inverter that’s available in the Nigerian market. Still, you may just be looking to learn more about how inverters work so as to decide if an inverter setup will be the right power solution for you. Or, maybe you simply chanced on this inverter information resource.

Whichever is your circumstance, we believe the insight provided here into inverters will help clarify most of the questions you might have about the product. That should help you made an informed decision whether an inverter can serve your need and which product to buy, when you want to.

In part two, we explain what inverters are and how inverters work.


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Some of the Product Brands We Offer

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