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The Reliable, Zero-Running-Cost, 24/7 Power Solution You've Waited So Long to See...

Now Quietly Enjoyed by Sharp Dudes Who have the Knack for Discovering Smart Solutions and How to Plug Financial Leakages.

Are you sick and tired of waiting for stable power supply to power your home and appliances, and desperately looking for a viable solution?

Or, is it your business that has been limping because you can't operate the basic tools you require and you need an urgent way out before your business crashes completely?

Perhaps, like many others, you own a power generator, but its running cost keeps leaving a big hole in your pocket, making nonsense of your monthly income...

Whichever of those has troubled you the most, you are just about to walk out of the trap, as we show you a proven, effective and amazingly reliable solution that...

  • Provides you extended power supply, ensuring you have the power you need, round the clock
  • Incurs no running cost, meaning you enjoy power supply virtually for free
  • Runs in automated mode, taking off all the hassles you presently experience with generators and giving you absolute peace of mind.
  • Provides years of durable service, a guarantee that you continue to enjoy these benefits far into the future.

Let's Turn on the Light!

Dear Friend,

We won't bore you with any long story about the power supply problem.

Even toddlers around here know and feel the pinch of the power shortage that has become a debilitating part of our lives. Much as you wish it wasn't so, the harsh reality is that power outages have become a fixed feature of our environment.

So, we will make the not-so-reckless assumption that you understand how traumatising it is. Possibly, you're up to your neck too with the hardship it imposes.

What is important to you now, we believe, is finding a way to wriggle out of this mind-bending problem. That is the exact purpose of this page you're reading, fortunately. We'll show you a truly effective and cost-efficient solution that will genuinely change your situation.

Quick advice. Don't begin to fantasize that the acute power shortage will disappear anytime soon. Great as that day will be, dear friend, you shouldn't humour yourself that it's anywhere in sight. For one, this has proved to be a deep-rooted problem, requiring extensive and radical surgery. That process, it seems, may not have gained momentum, if, at all, it has started.

Even the most optimistic assessment will show that this problem will take time and much effort to uproot. It certainly can't vanish overnight, even with the best effort.

What that simply says is that you should hope for the best, but do the sensible thing: find a solution that brings light and life back into your home and gets your office running again. Without tearing your pocket, that is.

Looking for a Viable Solution?

Well, it's one thing to have a solution and another to have one that really gives you peace of mind. Or one that saves you a lot of money.

Your search, we believe, is be for a viable, effective and cost-efficient solution that substantially takes the heat off you - a solution that gives just what you need: power and light, not a bundle of hassles.

Think about this for a moment: You probably have giant-sized (or medium or small) generator that you fire to provide alternative power. It can supply the power you need, quite alright. But are you happy? Is running a generator a pleasant experience? Really?

Generators Will Drive You C-r-a-z-y!

Okay, let's do a rundown of the troubles you go through, using the generator solution:

  • Fuel/diesel Consumption: Even for the smallest, least-consuming units, this comes to a substantial monthly budget and for the big guzzlers, it's a bill only the wealthy and corporate bodies can afford. Conservative estimate for small users: N1,000 daily.
  • Massive Maintenance Costs: Even the newest generator will need regular servicing. Still, breakdowns will result from prolonged usage. Repairs and servicing will be a regular experience, whether you like it or not. This also grosses to a huge outlay, over the life of a generating set. If you include the cost of engine oil, you have a major expenditure head, even for a few hours of use per day.
  • Noise Pollution: You may not bother about the noise factor (truly?) but your neighbours do. The nuisance effect is a big minus. The deafening noise is something you don't need if you value your sanity.
  • The Mess: oil leaks, fuel drops and the messy environment. Isn't life better with a tidy environment?
  • Air Pollution: You know that sooner than later your gen-set begins to emit fumes and even thick smoke. That's a health hazard your family doesn't have to be exposed to and you know it but probably thought you had no choice.
  • Storage: Because your generator is a nuisance in many respects, you contend with the problem of where to place it. Yet there are power systems that can be placed indoors like any other electrical gadget.
  • Operation Headaches: Starting, stopping, change-over, top oil, pour deisel, clean oil, etc. Troubles, troubles, troubles. Do you really need all that?

Simply put, this is a no-win option, something you saw as a necessary evil. You have stayed with generators, these years, because you didn't know of any better option.

Well... all that is about to change now, because we've got some good news for you. Just think for a moment about this:

  • What if we showed you a power solution that requires no petrol, no deisel, no oil or use of any the other consumables you regularly spend on for your generator? Better put, a running cost-free power system?
  • What if you are introduced to a power solution that will require no regular maintenance because it doesn't keep breaking down since it doesn't labour like your generator does?
  • What about a system that is automated and requires no manual change-over, switching on, topping oil or any of those nuisance routines of using a generating set? It just runs itself? In effect, you don't have to remember that it is there, yet it keeps working.
  • Then think of a noise- or fume polution-free gadget that can be placed even in your bedroom, if you so wish?
  • Imagine for a moment that you have a gadget that leaves a clean tidy environment: no oil mess, no dirth, no blackened walls - everywhere is clean just as you get from your TV set or other household gadgets.
  • Then add the assurance of using a power system that produces 100% pure, stable power that keeps even your most sophisticated gadget safe.
  • Now cap all that with the special benefit of extended power backup time - your system has the capacity to give long hours of power supply at no running cost, meaning free power for most hours of the day?

The Ultimate Hassle-Free, Cost-Efficient, Absolutely Reliable Power Solution!

Here's our guaranteed tidy, effective, money-saving and hassle-free solution to your power supply problems:

» Our range of Digital Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters »
The power solution to truly set you free!

It's all about common-sense really, taking a solution that not only works but achieves the result you want without hurting your pocket or shattering your peace of mind! Now, isn't that what you truly want? Isn't regular, cost-free power the best solution you could ever dream of?

Now you can have your home or office powered up in cool comfort - just plug an equipment and the rest is done. No more daily expenditure, as with your generator option. It's amazing, but true!

This is how your iinverter solution works:

  • Your inverter with its battery bank component is neatly installed in your home or office and connected to your mains supply;
  • The few hours public power supply you get in a day charges the battery bank of your inverter, a quiet, automated process you will not need to intervene in;
  • Your charged inverter automatically supplies power when the mains is off, ensuring you have the light you need, most times all day. You will hardly notice when the public supply is gone because switch-over is instantaneous.
  • You relax and virtually forget all the crises you previously went through with power supply.

Your inverter will ensure that:

  • You have the power you need most times you need it - extended power backup time.
  • You save tonnes of money over the long term as all the running costs are virtually eliminated. Just think of only a thousand Naira a day for a small user and you are grossing up to N365,000 in one year.
  • You largely eliminate the hassles of running and operating a generator. The inverter operators in an automated mode, freeing you from manual interventions. It requires no consumables to run.
  • It ensures you get the best quality of power that is safe for your delicate and sophisticated equipment. 100% pure, reliable and regulated power. That's what "pure sine wave" is all about.
  • You have a healthy environment as it's a non-intrusive equipment, generating no noise, producing no fumes.
  • The digital inverter with LCD or LED display gives readings and information that help you track the functioning of your equipment: what load it's carrying (you can reduce if need be), what the battery level is (so you know how much longer it should last and get no surprises) or any other relevant information.
  • Your inverter also has alert triggers to warn you of any error that can affect it: low battery for instance. This ensures protection of the equipment and its battery bank and the durability you desire.

What if I don't get any mains supply at all?

Your inverter is still of great benefit. You simply run the generator for just a short period to charge your inverter battery bank and off the generator goes. On the whole, even in this circumstance, you still cut your generator use by up to 80%. Your life is still several fold easier and you still save tonnes of money.

Users are Simply too Thrilled!

We asked some of our customers their opinion about their Digital Sine Wave Inverters and here are a few of their comments:

Mr Yinka Adedeji, Sales, Rising Alliance Technology Limited, Says: "It's Amazing What Relief this Brings."

"Just out of desparation I decided to try the Su-Kam inverter, not quite convinced of the likely outcome. I've been overwhelmed by the performance and this is pure fact. This inverter delivers more than you can expect and you'd wonder why you didn't know about it all this while."

-Yinka Adedeji, Sales
 Rising Alliance Technology

Harsha Kumar: "Proud of the Product"

"I use Su-Kam and It's good, really good. I'm proud this product is from my home country. But not just that, mine has proved more dependable than I hoped for. I couldn't ask for more!"

-Harsha Kumar,

Mrs Joy Nwaorah: "It Works Extra Hard and Has Protected my Laptop"

"It's not only having near all-round power that thrills me, it's that my laptop, which my generator damaged three times, has been safe since I switched to this inverter."

-Joy Nwaorah, MD
 Joyvision Nigeria Limited

Dr James Abiodun: "It's a Different Experience"

"It's different, so different. The cost of generating power was becoming unbearable. Then all the other headaches. This is a cool tool, fully on auto-run and highly cost-saving."

-Dr James Abiodun
 He Cares Clinic

Choose According to Your Need

We offer a range of inverter capacities and brands. We can always help you decide what best meets your requirement, but we have provided much of the information on various products in our shopping section.

Just click that link to access the products section where you can place an order right away. Or hit any of the "Buy Product Now" buttons below to see the product options.

You will see product brands, individual product units, their estimated load capacity, price information and other details to help you make a choice.

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Our Guru Installation Will Make a Huge Difference

We don't just offer you inverters that will deliver dependable service, we go on to guarantee that with our guru installation, a proprietary approach to inverter installation that ensures you get the long-term value our inverters promise, you are 100% covered.

Let's face it: inverters take some spending to set up. You buy the inverter, you buy the batteries and there are installation costs. All of that, you will recover in due course, in cost savings, but only if your inverter continues to function and perform.

Should you hand such important aspect of this solution to untutored hands? Our advice is that you shouldn't. Your inverter can continue to serve you for donkey years, but that requires installation and support by engineers that are well-trained in the inverting technology of the system they install.

That's what we offer you. Expert installation by engineers thoroughly trained by the product manufacturers. We insist on that. Hopefully, you do, too. And when you buy our inverters, that's exactly what you get.

But the setup will cost some money?

We already said so. Obviously, life has no free launch. You will spend on the inverter setup. But do the math. Setting up an inverter system is cost borne upfront. After that, you're on a jolly ride. Besides, generators cost as much to acquire, yet you keep spending all their life. Once your inverter is set up,

  • you save on running costs as no consumables or other regular costs are required - that's hundreds of thousands of Naira in annual savings.
  • you enjoy the smooth auto running mode of your inverter, saving you the problem of running about to operate your gen.
  • all other nusiance aspects of generating power - noise, messy environment, fumes, etc - are eliminated.
  • pure quality power voltage is valiable to your computers and othe sensitive equipment, protecting them and further saving you money.
  • because of the quality of our products and our guru installation system, the durability of your equipment is assured, ensuring long-term use and value for money.

Product Performance Guaranteed!

Our inverters are already powering many homes and offices in Nigeria as well as ATMs and other equipment. The performance of your equipment and its durability is guaranteed. But you don't just take only our word for it. Our products are sold with valid product guarantee, providing you the protection you obviously want.

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Why You Should Buy from Us?

Consider these benefits you get when you do so:

  • Your inverter comes at about the best price you can ever get
  • You get the best quality - straight from the legitimate manufacturer
  • Delivery of your order is prompt
  • You get expert installation
  • User training and all the hand-holding to get familiar with your inverter
  • Ready support all the way

Use this button now to hit our inverter shopping section to select the inverter you need. That step will bring power back to your home or office.

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